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If you’re a business owner, you know all about security and compliance – but could you pass a security audit? Businesses rely on technology every day to ensure their level of quality is up to speed.

Are your computer systems up to date, or are you in need of necessary hardware and software upgrades?

A qualified outsourced IT solutions and strategy provider, I work directly with you, the business owner, to help expertly assess your current IT environment and implement solutions specific to your business.


Are your systems up to date and performing adequately? Do your computer systems need an upgrade?


Are you getting the most out of your business suite software and cloud services? (ex. Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

I explore and identify innovative opportunities for growth with technology strategies that align business and IT for the most value.

Being strategic can help power your business by defining a clear and practical roadmap, and identifying the capabilities and operating model needed to deliver IT value, business resilience and IT agility for the future.


What are the overall objectives and goals for the near future?  Or 3 to 5 years? Will your business model change based on trends?



How well is your data organized? Is your data in fragmented silos? Is a knowledge repository needed?


Do you have a need to migrate data to another repository or online collaboration?


Is your file repository or file sharing systems implemented correctly, and securely? (ex: Dropbox for Business, Box Enterprise, Office 365)

I have known Camille for more than ten years. She worked for me before becoming successful with her company and going on to support many different business organizations through consulting arrangements. Camille has always been able to manage her time and complete projects on schedule, as well as being able to research solutions to pesky problems. I recommend contacting her to address all of your needs for small and mid-sized IT support and infrastructure.

Mike K.

As a highly crucial member of our IT team, Camille was a dependable, focused, forward thinking individual. She accepted and delivered on any IT challenge and was our leading enterprise LAN, email, and Windows Server guru.

Terry Z.