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Do you…

Struggle to keep up with your IT to-do list?


Lose sleep over your old website material?


Cringe at the thought of replacing your company’s computers?


Postpone that vacation to St. Barths because you’re afraid everything will break while you’re gone?


Wish you could just turn to someone else and say “Fix it” without worrying what others might think?


If you answered, “OMG YES!” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Many small-medium businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs hire me to fix a lot of the same issues you face – without the expense of having a full-time employee on the payroll. Sh*t gets done, and YOU look like a rockstar. Plus, it lets you focus on your real job duties.


Want proof? Here are some real results.

Solution 1:

A local office of 25 employees, one-third of which are in sales, needed an easier way of accessing the file server, their customer database, and email outside of the office. An online file storage solution was implemented so they could share files internally and externally without having the need to send email attachments; a hosted Exchange solution allowed them to access their email and contacts from anywhere, 24/7; their customer database was hosted externally so they could remotely access it without being tethered to the office.

Solution 2:

An attorney’s office and their support staff from different regions of the US needed access to their file server and email after a hardware failure. The project involved these critical areas:

Moving ALL their files to an online file storage solution that offered strict controls and an easy interface for users to access from anywhere.

Their email was moved to a hosted Exchange service, allowing employees to have access to their old email without losing any emails in the process.

 Convert the accounting files from server software to online, while keeping data safe and encrypted. This was a huge time saver for the remote bookkeeper, who often worked on accounting issues outside of the office.

Solution 3:

An international client based in Dubai had employees and offices worldwide – all of whom needed secure access to email and files – but nothing usable was in place. Secure two-step verification cloud-based email and file sharing solutions were implemented so that all employees (some in remote regions) could access everything at any time they needed.

About Me

IT solutions that make a positive impact on your business.

Hi! My name is Camille, and I’m the owner and head geek of Curro Industries. I began my IT career in 1995 and worked for several high-profile companies such as Verizon, Duty-Free Americas, and Magellan Behavioral Health. With extensive experience managing and supporting the IT systems of organizations, I’m very adept at guiding clients in developing and aligning IT strategies to business objectives.

Although I held executive positions throughout my IT career, I became frustrated that nothing was getting accomplished, and all the hard work and energy I put in wasn’t getting across to the right people. More meetings mean more wasted time and I wanted to make a difference with all the knowledge and latest technology I had at my disposal.

After yet another round of layoffs, I decided “it’s now or never, sink or swim” so I founded Curro Industries in 2008 – and haven’t looked back since. Now I’m able to make a difference for small-medium businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs like you. I have a solid track record of providing outstanding solutions for clients domestically and internationally and I look forward to working with you.

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.” – Aristotle

Camille was great and easy to work with. She knew her client needs in depth so putting together a Hosted Exchange solution was extremely easy. I am aware that her clients are in excellent hands and can clearly see why they chose to work with her for their IT needs. I look forward to referring business in the Baltimore/Annapolis area.

Chris R.

Curro Industries offers top notch IT support! Camille’s 15 years assisting clients and their businesses stay secure, connected and problem free makes Curro Industries number one among the vast plethora of IT specialists. But, her true distinction is her innate compassion for her client’s needs. When an issue arose with my mobile phone, which is outside the bounds of my office and computer, she worked long hours to rectify the problem and continued her support to confirm the issue resolved. Client relationships are her top priority which is why I will continue to call on Curro Industries. Their monthly payment plans make IT Support for the small business affordable, too! I highly recommend Camille Curro and Curro Industries.

Terrie M.

Camille’s mastery and understanding of the complexities of the IT world which completely flummox the rest of us is hugely impressive. I rely on Camille’s expertise in all my IT dealings and have the utmost respect for the quality of work she does. I have recommended Camille on countless occasions, and will continue to do so with enthusiasm — in addition to being highly skilled, she’s one of the most genuinely likable people I know.

Lauren T.


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